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Anna Friel: Jlaw is a beauty

Anna Friel has applauded Jennifer Lawrence for her style and wit.

The British actress has appeared in a number of successful films including Limitless and The Look of Love.

She can remember what it was like trying to get her big break and admires 23-year-old Jennifer who won an Oscar last year and is nominated for another Academy Award at the 2014 ceremony.

"That's beauty," she gushed about the star to the latest edition of Britain's InStyle magazine.

"I mean you look at some of these newcomers and you just go, 'You've got it right.' Her style, her wit. It's all perfect."

Anna, 37, believes she's grown wiser with age.

These days she tries not to be hard on herself when she doesn't bag a role.

"[I try to] think more like a man," she explained.

"Women are much more self-critical, they'll go, 'Oh, I did this wrong and that wrong.' Men just go, 'This happened and that's that.'"

As well as taking Hollywood by storm, Anna is known for her great sense of style.

Recently it was reported the actress had slimmed down drastically thanks to a two-month liquid cleanse.

The claims infuriated Anna.

"Can you imagine not eating for two months?" she angrily demanded.

"Rhys [Ifans, her boyfriend] and I went to a spa, we wanted to be healthy and we were given this amazing maple syrup thing with lemon for two days. I even broke that because I was so starving. But according to the press it went from two days to two months. What kind of example does that set for young girls? I was really p**sed off about that."

However, Anna did add that she could "do with putting on a few pounds".

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