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Anna Friel's fame woes

Anna Friel felt "singled out" when she first became famous.

The brunette star became a household name when she starred as Beth in British TV show Brookside between 1993 and 1995.

Now she's appeared in a number of Hollywood films, but the 37-year-old wasn't always comfortable with her level of fame.

"I'd go down to the pub at weekends and people would recognise me, which my friends just hated," she admitted to the latest edition of British InStyle magazine.

"Before you'd be going for a drinks and it was all, 'Oh, I've got a fiver,' then suddenly you can buy everybody drinks. I didn't like being singled out."

Anna is currently dating Welsh actor Rhys Ifans, 46, and it was previously reported she was freezing her eggs because he wasn't ready for children.

She already has daughter Gracie with her ex-boyfriend David Thewlis and while she would like another child, she claims the egg freezing story is untrue.

"I did an interview and they said, 'Are you thinking of having babies?' I replied, 'I think it's very hard for women these days - I've even got friends who are freezing their eggs.' And then it's all, 'Anna's freezing her eggs.' I don't even know how you do that," she sighed.

"I would one day eventually love another child if I'm blessed that way. I hope I will be."

Anna added that Rhys is "brilliant" with Gracie and that the actor's humour, spirit and intelligence all attracted her to him.

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