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Anna Kendrick: I think too much

Anna Kendrick thinks men trust their instincts more than women.

The actress spends a lot of time second-guessing her decisions and while this keeps her feet firmly on the ground, she's had to learn to let go.

"It does make me more open to considering other people's ideas," she reasoned to German magazine Jolie.

"But sometimes I do wish I was as straightforward as a man. Men are much better than women at trusting their instincts. We think it's our responsibility to see everything from all these different angles and then we go and ask our mother and our friends. I could really do with a bit more self-confidence."

Luckily the 29-year-old does feel confident in one area of her life - acting. Now she's had some experience of the industry, Anna is paying more attention to her gut and fighting for what she thinks is right.

And when things do get on top of her, she has some coping mechanisms.

"I used to bake a lot. That requires my full attention, even more so than cooking, because you have to be very precise," she explained.

"I just switch my brain off when I bake. All I have to worry about is things like, 'How much brown sugar and how much white sugar do I need?' Unfortunately I'm a bit out of practice.

"These days, I'll put on a film I know word for word, like Al Pacino's Dog Day Afternoon, and I clean the whole house."

Anna was also recommended investing in a motorcycle to relax, but the pint-sized star reasons she'd need the world's smallest bike.

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