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Anna Kendrick: I was creeping on J.Lo

Anna Kendrick has revealed that she got a little bit starstruck when working with Jennifer Lopez.

The Oscar-nominated actress appears in What to Expect When You're Expecting with the American Idol judge.

And she told Ellen DeGeneres that she made the most of her small time in Jennifer's presence but was a little bit creepy.

"I worked mostly with Chace Crawford [but] everyone kind of interacted for a second because our storylines intersect," Anna explained of the ensemble cast.

"There was one night where I crossed frame with Jennifer Lopez and I was all excited. They flew me into Atlanta just to film this one part and [Jennifer] was actually in the middle of her most intense scene in the movie where everything is sort of falling apart.

"So I was just there to do nothing in this scene and she was in the corner trying to stay in character and focused, and I was just sort of creeping on her like, 'You're so pretty, how are you doing that with your face? How are you doing that J.Lo? That's crazy.'"

Anna added that Jennifer was "very lovely" but laughed that she "pretended to keep my distance" but failed to do so.

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