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Anna Kendrick: I'm a stickler for detail

Anna Kendrick thinks she would make a great assistant director.

The 29-year-old is always busy filming new projects and has just finished work on hotly anticipated comedy Pitch Perfect 2.

While fans know and love her in front of the camera, the star has often wondered what she'd be like on the other side.

"I love acting but I also think I'd make a great assistant director," she mused to German magazine Jolie.

"It's a job where you have to organise everything for the director. I'd be more efficient than anyone else, because I'm a real stickler for detail. I get really psychotic if there's an unplanned pause on set or things generally don't go the way they should. It's not my job to so I don't say anything - but if it was, I'd make sure the film got made in record time! My whole team would hate me, but I'd be so damn good at it!"

Luckily Anna gets a lot of joy from her existing job, so probably won't be looking to change careers just yet. Other things that bring her fulfilment are her family and her love of baking.

"Acting has its limits - you don't create anything you can actually touch. When I get home from a hard day at work, I can't show anyone what I've done," she sighed.

"But when I hold a cupcake, I can say, 'I made this.' The smallest, least impressive things give me the most pleasure."

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