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Anna Kendrick: Just call me McCartney

Anna Kendrick thinks British schoolchildren are the politest fans ever.

The actress first caught people's attention in the Twilight franchise and went on to score the leading role in musical movie Pitch Perfect, which was so popular it got a sequel.

She's been over in the UK promoting the second film and admits it's exciting when fans freak out at the sight of her - it even makes her feel as glamorous as Sir Paul McCartney and co. at the height of their fame.

"I was leaving BBC Radio earlier and just as I came out I happened upon 50 or 60 uniformed schoolchildren, and it was the most charming, quintessential British experience for me because I was like, 'Oh my God, I'm a Beatle!'" she laughed to British newspaper Metro.

"They immediately started screaming and taking photos but because they're absolutely darling British schoolchildren, they stayed on their side of the street. I thought, 'This is incredible, they're losing their minds but they know they shouldn't cross the street.' They kept their distance even though nobody was telling them to, it was so sweet."

When Anna isn't admiring her fans' manners, she's busy mingling with other A-listers. She recalled a party she attended at Avengers star Chris Evans' home, but it wasn't quite as Hollywood as people may think.

"He did running charades and I've never seen people get so intense," she marvelled. "And then you get intense."

The star jokingly added that the bash was "absolute debauchery".

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