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Anna Kendrick on holding hands with Gyllenhaal

Anna Kendrick found it "weird" that Jake Gyllenhaal held her hand "the entire time" on the set of their new movie.

The actress plays the girlfriend of Jake's cop character in End of Watch. Anna was taken aback by Jake's dedication to achieving believable intimacy between them.

"I really followed his lead on that. I'm really glad that he was so open and giving on that end, just like somebody who wants to reach inside you and rip you open in this really incredible way," she told "He was so deep in the sh*t by the time that I got there that he was completely mentally there all day every day. So when I showed up and he was holding my hand the entire time I was like, 'This is weird right?'

"But I think that's exactly why that relationship is believable in such a short amount of screen time."

End of Watch also stars Mike Peña and Natalie Martinez. Anna has revealed how she got into the mind-set of being a police officer's partner in the movie.

"It was interesting for me because it was one of those weird life imitating art situations where all of my rehearsals were with just Jake. So I've met Mike and I've met Natalie, but I didn't know them well at all, so when I came to set it really felt like my new boyfriend introducing me to his good friends," she smiled.

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