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Anna Kendrick petrified of heights

Anna Kendrick's stomach still turns when she thinks back to a nerve-racking scene in Pitch Perfect 2.

The 29-year-old actress returns alongside the likes of Rebel Wilson and Elizabeth Banks in the sequel to the 2012 hit musical movie.

In an article for People magazine titled 'One Last Thing', Anna opened up about the last time she felt nervous and recalled a moment from the set of her upcoming feature.

"Without spoiling anything, there is a point [in Pitch Perfect 2] when I am at a great height and I have to jump," she shared to the publication, "and it was actually totally terrifying and took me like three takes to even jump. Even thinking about it right now makes my stomach turn."

Anna, who is known for her porcelain complexion, also recalled the last time she got sunburnt. It was her Life After Beth co-star who witnessed the embarrassing incident while they were on holiday.

"It's been a while because I usually avoid the sun like the plague. But I went on vacation to Mexico with my friend Aubrey Plaza, and I was under a hat and umbrella all day so I didn't put sunscreen on," she recalled. "I went in the ocean for ten minutes and got super-painful sunburn on my face."

When she isn't busy shooting movies the brunette beauty enjoys relaxing with those close to her. She also strives to be a good hostess, putting on a spread of tasty treats for her pals.

"I had some of the girls over for Game of Thrones night, and I did a little chocolate and white chocolate fondue and some spanakopita and mini quiches," Anna smiled about when she recently cooked.

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