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Anna Kendrick: Plaza can sniff out fakes

Anna Kendrick needs friends who don't smile all the time.

The Pitch Perfect star stars alongside her pal in Life After Beth and they've become firm friends off screen. It was refreshing for Anna to find someone who only speaks the truth.

"I'm really close to Aubrey Plaza," she smiled to the British edition of Marie Claire when asked if any co-stars have become friends.

"Hanging out with her is a breath of fresh air in a world where people are smiling all the time. It's a relief to hang out with someone who's so allergic to bulls**t."

The 29-year-old has a pretty impressive resumé and can count Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart among her co-stars. They all appeared in the Twilight franchise, but Anna isn't surprised people seem more interested in the other two.

"I think people acknowledge that I was in it, but they didn't really care much beyond that because I was playing a human being," she reasoned.

"Twilight fans love werewolves and vampires - the supernatural elements. People would say, 'Oh yeah, you're in that movie. Can you tell me about all the other people in the cast?'"

Anna is the name on everyone's lips now thanks to her role as Beca in the Pitch Perfect franchise. But she'll never forget George Clooney movie Up in the Air, which kicked off her career.

"I discovered what a big kid he is - he's very playful," she said of Hollywood star George.

"He didn't prank me because I think he realised it would've reduced me to a quivering mess, but he'd play football while I was trying to get ready for a scene, unapologetically hitting me in the head with a ball."

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