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Anna Kendrick reveals kettle 'panic'

Anna Kendrick loves tea so much she "panics" if she doesn't have a kettle.

The Twilight star has a lead role in Pitch Perfect, but hasn't let her movie star credentials change her too much.

Despite hailing from America, the 27-year-old has a taste for British tea.

"Every time I go to England the first thing I do is have tea," Anna revealed to the latest issue of UK magazine Elle.

"I crave it to the point where I panic, 'What am I going to do when I get home? I don't have a kettle!' But then the craving disappears - it's like something's pumped into the air."

In Pitch Perfect, Anna is part of an all-girl singing group and she underwent intense dance rehearsals for the role.

Her active schedule of filming the high-energy dance scenes, meant Anna could eat what she wanted - something she now misses.

"Once rehearsals stopped I had to stop eating so much - that was the greatest thing, getting to stuff my face all day because we were dancing all the time," she smiled.

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