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Anna Paquin: I like being funny

Anna Paquin loves her "messed-up mixed with funny" True Blood lines.

The star plays Sookie Stackhouse in the critically acclaimed HBO TV series. Anna delivers some punchy lines in the show, and enjoys the scriptwriters' offerings.

"I love my messed-up mixed with my funny, as much as the next gal. In real life, one of the things I always find is that, if you can laugh through a situation, even if it's incredibly sad or really hard, it's the way through, and our show uses that in a really great way," she revealed in an interview with SciFi Now magazine.

"Also it's just really fun for someone to write you in a way that makes you sound incredibly funny."

Stephen Moyer - Anna's husband and on-screen love interest - plays vampire Bill Compton. The actor's lines are far less exciting.

"My character isn't one of the ones who gets many of those lines because he's more melancholic and introverted. But, I was very pleased in Episode 5, where Pam [Ravenscroft, a fictional vampire] comes on with a huge hat because she's covering her screwed-up face, and Bill says, 'Oh, good, the world needs more beekeepers,'" he recalled.

"When you get those lines, you're like, 'Yes!' We all get them, and we all look forward to hearing the other people read them in the table read."

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