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Anne Hathaway: Amy Winehouse film moved me

Anne Hathaway hopes young people realise being famous is a learning curve.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Anne Hathaway has praised the Amy Winehouse documentary for showing a dark side of fame.

British singer Amy had a highly-publicised battle with addiction before she died following an alcohol binge in 2011. In July this year (15) a film about her life called Amy was released, featuring footage of the late star and attempting to separate the media hype from the real person.

Oscar-winning star Anne was blown away when she watched it.

"The documentary about Amy Winehouse is brilliant. It's such an interesting take on success," she told Britain's Hello! magazine. "It shows that if you do enjoy it, then obviously you are privileged, but it's not like it's a fairytale through and through, and you have to learn to have patience and you have to learn grace and you have to learn how to ride it."

Anne has had her fair share of bumps in the road, with some accusing her of being disingenuous when she achieved success with her 2012 film Les Misérables.

She doesn't focus on the negative though, preferring to look at all that's right in her life. At the moment that means her personal life - Anne has been married to Adam Shulman since September 2012 - and making movies.

When it comes to her time on set, the star tries to focus on a piece of advice she was given by director Garry Marshall when she was making The Princess Diaries aged 17.

"He said, 'I know that you and I will do our best, but I can't promise you that this movie will be successful because we can't control what an audience will like. What we can control is the time we have making it. I am planning on having a great time and I hope you plan on it, too,'" she recalled. "I've carried that with me ever since and whatever film I have made, I have tried to enjoy the experience and be fun to work with."

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