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Anne Hathaway: I craved comedy

Anne Hathaway finds comedies more of a challenge than dramatic movies.

The 32-year-old actress started out in funny teen flicks The Princess Diaries before moving into more serious projects such as Brokeback Mountain, Rachel Getting Married and The Dark Knight Rises.

Last year's Interstellar marked a massive change in her career as she stepped into sci-fi, and Anne admits it left her craving humour.

"I was on the set of Interstellar and it was the moment where [my character] Brand believes that she could be the last human in the universe and I just had to tap into this place of fear and loneliness. [Afterwards] I went up to our producer, threw my arms around her and said, 'Oh my God, I just want to do a comedy! I need to laugh so hard, man!'" she recalled to Britain's Glamour magazine. "I forgot - because it's been so long - that comedies are way harder than dramas. It's funny the first take, its funny the second take and then you're like, 'We're here all day.'"

Anne is back in the comedy game with new movie The Intern, in which she plays fashion boss Jules Ostin who gives pensioner Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) a placement at her company.

When she does have downtime from her busy schedule, the brunette beauty seizes the opportunity to relax with her husband Adam Shulman at their home in Los Angeles - somewhere she never expected to feel settled.

"It was never really my thing. I'd been out there for 14 years and never really felt anything for it and then we started to make some awesome friendships. Suddenly I realised I was hiking every day," she laughed.

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