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Anne Hathaway: I love GoT

Anne Hathaway has opened up about her love of Game of Thrones.

The American fantasy show is based on the series of A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R. R. Martin and the fourth season debuted in the US on April 6. Many fans were feverishly awaiting the new episodes, including Oscar winner Anne.

“I love the story and I’m really moved by the Stark family. They can’t seem to catch a freaking break," she gushed to Total Film.

"I also love watching [character] Khaleesi come into her power and I think Emilia Clarke is doing an amazing job with that character and watching her and the dragons sort of mirror each other in their growth.

“I also haven’t read the books so I don’t know what’s going to happen. You know, like the Red Wedding [episode], which I will not go into in case anybody has missed it, I really did not see that coming and that was really upsetting. Clearly I love the show.”

Series four has seen actor Pedro Pascal join the show as Prince Oberyn Martell, also referred to as The Red Viper. Game of Thrones is known for not shying away from sex and violence and Pedro's character is no different.

"You get to have swag, you get to enter a room with confidence, sort of like own every space that you’re a part and to play somebody who enjoys life to that degree - because I think his sexiness is just attached to the fact that he plays by his own rules, so if in the middle of a work day somebody sexy comes along and he wants to do something about it, he will do something about it," he explained to Access Hollywood.

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