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Anne Hathaway takes Oscars selfies

Anne Hathaway would rather people don't touch her Academy Award because it's "unhygienic".

The actress took home an Academy Award last year for her portrayal of Fantine in musical phenomenon Les Misérables.

While some stars might like to show off the golden statuette, 31-year-old Anne prefers to keep hers away from the grubby hands of visitors.

"I don't have a mantel, but I wouldn't put it on there if I did," she laughed to British TV show Daybreak.

"I put it in front of my collection of plays; I thought that was the best place for it. It's on the bottom shelf in the corner, you really have to hunt for it. The thing is, everybody would touch it and it just seems slightly unhygienic. But I have been in other people's bathrooms when they keep their Oscars there. And it's nice, because then everybody can take a selfie with it!"

This year 12 Years a Slave's Lupita Nyong'o took home the best supporting actress Oscar.

Lupita, 30, gave an inspiring acceptance speech, which impressed Anne.

"I loved what Lupita said this year, she's so stunning and beautiful and such a breath of fresh air and such a lady," the brunette gushed.

"I love what she said to all the dreamers out there: 'All of your dreams are valid.' I think there's a lot to criticise about the Oscars, but it does get people dreaming and I think about the kids out there, like me when I was younger. I didn't come from a world that was particularly glamorous. I didn't know anyone who moved to Hollywood or became successful as an actor and I love that about the Oscars; it inspires those dreamers."

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