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Anne Hathaway talks night terrors

Anne Hathaway used to "freak out" her friends by sitting "bolt upright" while she was sleeping.

The actress used to have a problem with sleepwalking. When the star was growing up, she and her friends would organise sleepovers. Anne would unintentionally scare her pals by appearing to be awake despite being in a deep slumber.

"I don't [sleep talk]. I would freak my friends out at sleepovers up by sitting bolt upright and staring out them, then slowly lowering myself back down," she laughed during an interview with BBC Radio 1. "They never knew if I was awake."

Anne has enjoyed a great deal of success in Hollywood. The 29-year-old actress can currently be seen in The Dark Knight Rises and later this year in musical movie Les Misérables.

Anne is comfortable with living in the public spotlight and meeting fans, but admits attention from paparazzi can be overwhelming at times.

"People are great it's just if the photographers know where you are and follow you that can be a bit trying. People are enthusiastic, I find that really nice," she explained.

There has been speculation Anne could be expecting her first child with her fiancé Adam Shulman.

The star has spoken about her family plans, insisting she is happy to let fate decide when she becomes a mother.

"Someday I want to start a family. But I don't feel any pressure at all!" she told German magazine In. "I find it more exciting if you just let life happen instead of trying constantly to plan everything. That mostly doesn't work out, anyway."

Anne is looking forward to marrying Adam. It has been reported the pair will tie the knot next year.

"I think marriage is a good thing. My parents have been happy for nearly 30 years - it can work if you have the right one," she explained.

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