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Annie Lennox: I don’t understand fans

Annie Lennox avoids socialising before taking to the stage.

The 60-year-old singer found fame in Eurythmics, which she founded with musical partner David A. Stewart in 1980 after the split of their band The Tourists. She's also forged a successful solo career and is still as in demand as ever when it comes to taking to the stage.

In February she joined Irish musician Hozier at the Grammys for a mash-up of his hit track Take Me to Church and the famous song I Put A Spell On You, which Annie covers on her album Nostalgia. She had no idea the performance would be such a success.

"I never think in terms of that. It's always so random, so subjective, how people identify with you, how they affect you, how they assimilate you, how they respond - I have no control on that," she explained to "The only thing in performance I ever have a modicum of control over is what I'm doing - to a degree! I've been a performer for many years, and I cannot gauge what people will like - what other people will think, what they'll say, what they'll take from it."

While their collaboration was a hit with fans, Annie hadn't heard of Hozier before the ceremony. She jokes she "lives under a rock" when it comes to being aware of new music but insists it's the "appropriate" place for her to be.

Annie also shared rituals she follows before stepping out in front of an audience, adding that she believes each person has their own unique and special methods.

"I don't like to talk a lot. No socialising. And I have to warm up the voice. I'm quietly applying make-up, quietly changing into whatever I'm wearing," she said, describing the process as "transformative".

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