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Anniversary and Father's Day fall on the same weekend for Bryce Dallas Howard

Jurassic World star offers up secrets to a lasting Hollywood marriage.

Actress Bryce Dallas Howard has a big weekend planned - it's her 10th wedding anniversary two days before Father's Day.

The Jurassic World star wed actor Seth Gabel in June, 2006 and the couple now has two kids and a marriage milestone to celebrate.

The Gabels will celebrate a decade as husband and wife on Friday (17Jun16), and then Bryce, who is filmmaker Ron Howard's daughter, has a big Father's Day planned after her man treated her to front row tickets for a Beyonce concert for Mother's Day earlier this year (16).

"My husband, he works half the year in Louisiana and when he was away he said that you just have to promise me two things: that you will not watch the season premiere of the Kardashians or Lemonade without me," the actress explains, "and so he came home that night and we were flipping out and a week later I was there."

And gushing about Gabel, Bryce coos, "He's so handsome. He's the best. When you find the person... sometimes that works out."

The couple has found a way of making sure marriage and parenting is drama and guilt free by insisting upon "no rules".

"You just can't have any rules, because you just don't know what's gonna happen," Bryce tells Access Hollywood Live. "You don't wanna feel guilty or more guilty. I like to bring the kids with me (to film sets) and it's sometimes very unfair for him, so he comes along as well.

"We just kinda figure out as it comes. It's really helpful to be married to someone who also gets it."

Ironically, Bryce and Seth share a wedding anniversary with her father's old Happy Days co-star Donnie Most. She took her first steps as a toddler at his wedding.

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