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Ansel Elgort 'plays party prank'

Ansel Elgort had female fans throwing their underwear at him over the weekend, according to reports.

The 20-year-old actor has soared to fame since starring in hit movies The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent, which means he is starting to get noticed by females a lot more. On Saturday Ansel attended RPM Productions’ Pier of Fear bash in New York with his family and is said to have put sibling Warren in an awkward position.

“Ansel showed up with his mom and brother, wearing this plush crown,” an onlooker told New York Daily News. “He gave it to his brother and all these girls started going crazy, thinking [Warren] was Ansel.”

But according to the source, Warren didn't find the attention flattering, instead getting rather agitated by the girls flocking to him.

Ansel apparently spent the night busting moves to DJ Nicky Romero's tunes. His dancing is said to have caused even more excitement among the female guests at the party, who reportedly shrieked and threw their underwear onto the stage.

“They were high-spirited and having a lot of fun,” the onlooker added. “Nicky gave Ansel a piggyback ride to the greenroom. They went to deejay Dirty South’s dressing room, emptied his bar and ate his pizza.”

The handsome American isn't just known for his onscreen antics; he is also a music producer and DJ under the name Ansølo, which could explain his excitement at the weekend. He recently spoke about what drew him to being a disc jockey and the sensation he feels while mashing up tunes.

"I love that I'm moving people with music that they might not have been moved by before. I love playing the songs that I've been working on. Sometimes I'll test out new things that I've been working on," he explained to "It's like, 'Wow, this is sick!' I made this for the purpose of people feeling awesome and dancing to it and they are. I feel responsible for making people happy and giving people great feelings. I'm a huge dancer and you don't know how many of those crowds I've been in."

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