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Thursday 18 December 2014

Ant and Dec planning Takeaway tour

Ant and Dec want to take their Saturday night show on the road
Ant and Dec want to take their Saturday night show on the road

Ant and Dec have revealed they are planning to take their Saturday Night Takeaway show on the road.

The duo told The Sun they have wanted to take a live show on tour for a while and are currently working out a format which would allow them to do so.

Ant said: "We've always been dying to get out there and do something live. We'd have a right laugh."

Dec said the touring show would have "the spirit of Takeaway on the road".

"It's something we're in discussions about now. We'd take set pieces that we do, have guests on and games with the audience," he added.

The pair also revealed they like the idea of launching the programme across the pond.

Dec said: "We should do Takeaway from Chicago or Philadelphia. We'd have great fun with it."

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