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Antonio Banderas' secret to a happy marriage

Antonio Banderas has revealed that the secret to his lasting marriage to Melanie Griffith is actually "boring."

The Spanish actor and the Working Girl star recently celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary.

And he told Aspen Peak magazine that their relationship is successful for very simple reasons.

"People want to know the secret of staying together when you're in the public eye, because it's not always easy," he told the publication.

"The truth is boring. You go to the market, you have coffee together, you have dinner together, you tell a joke, you go to bed. Are you ready for this? You live like normal people. Believe it or not, that's what it takes."

Antonio, 51, plays Pablo Picasso in an upcoming biopic and said the artist had a great impact on his life.

"I remember seeing Picasso on the streets of Malaga (where Antonio was born) at the end of his life," he shared.

"Picasso made everybody in that region think deeply about what they could contribute, what talent they had inside, whether or not they had the stuff of greatness."

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