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Apatow bonds with family through movies

Judd Apatow has spoken about why he loved working with his wife and children in his latest comedy This Is 40.

The writer, director and producer shares daughters Maude, 14, and Iris, eight, with his wife Leslie Mann.

Judd cast his clan in his newest comedy This Is 40.

Working together has really benefitted his family dynamics.

"My kids are funny and we all get along," Judd told BBC News.

"We're a big gang and we like each other so for them it's just play.

"They don't feel any stress about work because they're not actually trying to be actresses. It's just some amusing anomaly.

"Making the movie has made my kids understand each other more and they've gotten along a lot better as a result of having to play out all of these issues on film."

Judd relies on his wife Leslie for guidance and support.

He looks to her for inspiration too.

"I'll tell her my idea for the movie and some scene ideas and then she'll pitch me ideas," Judd shared.

"She's not afraid to be vulnerable. She pushes me to go further."

Judd was able to film This Is 40, a sequel to Knocked Up, in his real-life Los Angeles neighbourhood.

ET Online reported recently that he appreciated the opportunity to work so near to his brood.

"It's sad that so much production leaves California,” Judd joked.

“I make up ways to make it seem wrong to go out of state. I always try to think of how to stay close to the house. The kids go to school, I don't like taking them to Louisiana."

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