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Applegate: I’ve become a dance mom

Christina Applegate has to “live vicariously” through her daughter when it comes to dancing.

The Anchorman actress takes her three and a half year old daughter Sadie Grace to ballet classes. But the 42-year-old admits she gets twitchy when her little girl doesn’t do a step exactly right.

“Sometimes I’ll find myself watching her in class, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, you’re so being a dance mom,’” she told People magazine. “I’m sitting [there] in my head going, ‘Why isn’t she pointing her foot that way?! Someone needs to go in there and fix her foot!’”

Christina has been a guest judge on the American edition of So You Think You Can Dance as she grew up with an extreme passion for the art. She used to take dance classes herself but gave them up when she found out she was expecting Sadie Grace.

“It was my secret thing I did that nobody knew I did,” she revealed. “I could go to classes and not have anyone bother me. And I did it for years up until I got pregnant with my daughter.”

Despite putting a stop to her own moves, the Samantha Who? star knew as soon as she gave birth that she would pass on her love of dance to her little girl.

“I now have to live vicariously through my daughter,” she added. “I watch her and help her speak through her body — channel her emotions and her joy through her body. [I help her] get grounded, get all that stuff out.”

However there is a fine line which the mother-of-one admits to crossing every now and then.

“I was stretching her point today. I was like, ‘Let me stretch your point a little bit, Sades. Not for any particular reason — just giving you a little massage.’ I tricked her!”

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