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Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet debut positive duet following shooting tragedies

The musicians want peace.

Singers Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet released a new duet on Saturday (9Jul16) to honour those slain in recent shootings.

Five police officers were killed in Dallas, Texas on Thursday (7Jul16) by a sniper at a protest rally held in the city in response to the slayings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile - two African-American men who were killed by cops in other U.S. states Louisiana and Minnesota on Tuesday (5Jul16) and Wednesday (6Jul16) respectively.

In light of the difficult issues facing Americans currently, Ariana and Victoria have shared optimistic track Better Days in hopes the song will promote positivity among the masses, with both stars vocalising their solidarity with those involved in the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a caption attached to a video clip of the tune on her Instagram account on Saturday, Ariana wrote to fans: "During this challenging time, we have to remember that the only way we will progress is if the overruling force is #Love. 'Music is a universal language that all of us can feel regardless of color lines, gender, sexuality, age, race, religion…. it unifies us. We believe we can not fight hate with hate, only love. Just as we can not fight darkness with more darkness. Only Light.' Too many precious lives were taken from us this week, this month, this year."

Ariana concluded her statement by naming the victims of this week's shootings, writing: "Rest in peace #AltonSterling. Rest in peace #PhilandoCastile #BlackLivesMatter. And the police that were peacefully guarding the #BlackLivesMatter rally in Dallas…. Rest in peace. #LorneAhrens, #MichaelKrol, #MichaelJSmith, #BrentThompson & #PatrickZamarripa."

Victoria also wrote a touching caption on her own Instagram account when announcing her duet with Ariana.

"I'm heartbroken by all of the recent tragedies the came as a result of hatred, racism and injustice," she noted. "Im (sic) also sad at how numb some of us are to it, because it is far too common! This is not a video game or a movie you're witnessing on your screens!This is our unfortunate REALITY! When I think about how I feel, the word confused comes to mind...So today we just want to try and help in one of the ways we know how!"

"To all of the lives taken pointlessly, we will not let you be forgotten," Victoria added. "You have sparked change in this world with your angel wings. Rest In Peace. Stay strong and know that better days are coming…"

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