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Saturday 19 April 2014

Ariana gushes over royals

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is in awe of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and thinks she is extremely “cute”.

The American singer has a soft spot for the royal family. While she is unsure of what she would do if she was to come face to face with the queen, Ariana had no trouble sharing what she thinks about the 87-year-old monarch.

“What's up homie?” she laughed when asked by British magazine Star what she would say to Elizabeth. “Just kidding. She's fabulous. She's the cutest thing ever.”

Ariana knows exactly what she would do if she was allowed to wear the crown for a day. The 20-year-old star would re-enact the iconic scene from 1983 movie Risky Business, which sees Tom Cruise slide across his laminate floor in a white shirt and no trousers.

“I would get in my socks and underwear and T-shirt and do that scene from Risky Business all over the place,” she giggled.

Britain’s Prince Harry is considered a heartthrob in and many female celebrities have revealed they have a crush on him.

However, Ariana has no interest in the flame-haired prince.

“[If he asked me out] I'd say: 'No thank you'. I'd politely decline,” she insisted.

The brunette beauty recently began dating The Wanted singer Nathan Sykes. She couldn’t help but gush about her new boyfriend and how grateful she is for the positive reactions to their relationship.

“I'm so crazy about him every single day. He's so incredibly successful, but he's so kind and respectful, so gentlemanly,” she smiled. “People have been really sweet about it and that makes me really happy, because it's beautiful and something to be celebrated.”

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