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Wednesday 28 January 2015

Arlene 'unconcerned' by axe reports

Arlene Phillips doesn't listen to TV axe rumours
Arlene Phillips doesn't listen to TV axe rumours

Arlene Phillips insists she is unconcerned by reports that So You Think You Can Dance is facing the axe.

Rumours have swirled that the BBC One talent show could be dropped from TV schedules amid a decline in ratings.

But judge Arlene, who has just published her latest two books in her Alana Dancing Star series, said the show has an "exciting" future.

She said: "I'm not concerned at all.

"I've been with shows which have been up and down in the ratings. I take everything with a pinch of salt.

"It doesn't matter what the press say. Wait and see what's going to happen with this show. There's a lot of exciting dance coming up, and some drama!"

The 67-year-old sparked a media frenzy when she was axed from Strictly Come Dancing and replaced with younger model Alesha Dixon.

But she won't be drawn into the debate about ageism on TV.

"I switch on my TV and see lots of people of all ages. How can I say that women have a harder time staying on TV as they get older, when I'm on TV? I've got more TV coming up. Certainly, those doors are not closing, they're opening wide for me."

:: Alana Dancing Star: Stage Sensation and Twilight Tango by Arlene Phillips, published by Faber, are available on May 5.

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