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Armie Hammer 'victim of true love'

Armie Hammer would trade his Hollywood lifestyle to run "a very small Jet Ski operation on a tiny island" any day.

The 25-year-old star, who married journalist Elizabeth Banks in 2010, hankers for the tropics.

At the age of seven Armie moved to the Cayman Islands briefly with his family.

The actor often dreams of returning to the tropical paradise.

"[My dream] would be running a very small Jet Ski operation on a tiny island somewhere in the Caribbean," Armie told People magazine. "I would put up a hammock, have a library of books and eat fresh fruit pulled down from trees."

"The other fantasy that my wife and I talk about is getting a big sailboat and just being in the middle of the Caribbean, where in the dark of the night all you can see is the moonlight reflecting on top of the waves."

Relaxation appears to be a theme throughout many of Armie's reveries.

"I'd sleep in, take my dog Archie for a walk, then bring back coffee for Elizabeth," he detailed in response to a question about his ideal day.

"Maybe play my guitar for a little bit. Then go for a long bike ride. We'd have people come over, just chill. Elizabeth can go into the kitchen and whip something up in a second. If you give her a thing of Top Ramen [instant noodles], ranch [salad dressing], and a tennis shoe, she'll say, 'Be right back!' And she'll come back with a roasted turkey."

In reality, Armie feels charmed to have Elizabeth on his arm.

"I'm a victim of true love," Armie shared. "I never understood how powerful it could be until I got struck by it and met my wife."

Armie's new Snow White comedy Mirror Mirror, which also stars Lily Collins and Julia Roberts, is currently out in theatres.

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