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Armstrong’s surreal Hall of Fame induction

Billie Joe Armstrong has described Green Day’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as “natural LSD”.

The lead singer was joined by his bandmates in Cleveland last month to receive the honour. During the ceremony, they also got to perform with former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr and the 43-year-old is still pinching himself.

“It's sort of like a natural LSD. The whole thing was just surreal, but instead of LSD it was reality,” he explained to Rolling Stone. “We had a great time. It was just a wild weekend. There was so much going on.”

The band played the track Boys with fellow inductee Ringo, and as a massive Beatles fan, Billie admits he was in his element. Adding even more kudos to the occasion was the famous faces in the audience watching them.

“That's the part where it gets surreal. It really does feel like a dream. One second you're playing with Ringo onstage. . .And just the fact that I was so far away from Mike [Dirnt] and Jason [White]. I was on the side with Ringo. That part literally felt like a dream,” he confessed. “And then when we we're standing onstage accepting the award and you look out. You see Patti Smith and you see Alice Cooper. It's like you're waiting to wake up.

“I'm waiting to turn over to my wife and say, ‘I had the craziest dream last night, check this out.’ All of a sudden, it turns into something out of The Wizard of Oz or something.”

Green Day were inducted in their first year of eligibility, having formed in 1986.

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