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Arnie: I’m loving life

Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks his five children are “extraordinary”.

The 67-year-old has made a return to the big screen in recent years after his time as Governor of California came to an end in 2011. Having resurrected his famous alter-ego the Terminator in new movie Terminator Genisys, Arnold couldn’t be happier with his lot at the moment.

“I enjoy every minute of it, I love my professional life and I love my personal life, I love the relationship I have with my family,” he told Extra.

The actor has four children with ex-wife Maria Shriver as well as one with the family’s former housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena. While the revelation of his infidelity was difficult at the time, the family are in a good place now, and Arnold loves nothing more than spending time with his offspring when he isn’t busy working.

“The kids are extraordinary, I’m so proud of them, how well they’ve turned out and so it’s great to be a dad and it’s great to be a part of all that,” he smiled.

However Arnold is keen to focus on the future instead of looking back on his past indiscretions.

During a chat with Howard Stern last week, he spoke about his marriage breakdown but later confessed that he hadn’t relished having the conversation.

“I hate talking about it because I’ve moved on from that. I would rather talk about my movies and all the stuff in the future, but with Howard Stern it was a little different because I’ve not done his interview for, I think, 12 or 13 years,” he explained to USA Today. “So it’s like we have to catch up with this new audience that is listening to him and we started by going back to the bodybuilding days and then bring it up to date – one of the things therefore was that problem in my personal life, so I talked about it briefly.”

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