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Arnie: My movies hurt

Arnold Schwarzenegger is just as "enthusiastic" about stunts now as he was when he first started acting.

The 66-year-old actor had his breakthrough as the title character in 1969 movie Hercules in New York. Since then he has gone on to star in an array of fast-paced flicks, including the Terminator franchise.

In upcoming movie Sabotage, Arnold plays a member of an elite DEA task force, who finds himself targeted after they rob a drug cartel safe house.

Having been in the industry for years now, the Austrian-American star insists he is still just as good at stunts as he was back in the day. However, it isn't without a bit of pain along the way.

“No. I do everything with enthusiasm. I love everything I do. In this, when we filmed on the back of a truck while it’s speeding and I’m shooting, the car chases were very dangerous. Nothing to catch or save you. You can fly right out. And it’s me, no double. I had to have a really good strong stand," he explained to New York Post's Page Six when asked if the stunts get harder as he gets older.

“I get hurt a lot. With the stuff I do, on every film there’s accidents. Something happens to me. Once they had to take me off the set on a stretcher straight to the hospital. But already I am into my next project. April, I go to New Orleans to start Terminator 5.”

To get into shape, Arnold goes through extensive preparation ahead of new projects. His working ahead also ensures he puts on an accurate portrayal when handling weapons on screen.

“I am used to daily body workouts. Before starting a film that takes such physical muscular strength, I do extra-special three-month intensive vascular exercises. And train with experts. The way you move, how to handle the rifle in that particular scene, an angle you jump or land so it’s all realistic," he added.

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