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Arnie 'strip-searched thanks to Sly'

Sylvester Stallone played a prank on Arnold Schwarzenegger which saw him being strip searched.

The Hollywood action heroes have been appearing in rival movies for many years, but are currently co-starring in new film Escape Plan. Sylvester has recalled their long rivalry, revealing that once they finally became friends they enjoyed tricking each other.

“We worked on a NASA base, and I call the gate and go, ‘There is some suspicious stuff going on in a black van...' they literally strip-searched him, and then he got me back and I got strip-searched. [Arnold] is constantly goofy,” he told New York Post at the New York City premiere of Escape Plan.

Sylvester also admitted he and Arnold “really disliked each other intensely” for over 20 years. However, they have now managed to form a close bond, recently revealing they meet up most weekends.

Sylvester, 67, insists he appreciates Arnold – both as a friend and foe.

“It goes to show you, a good enemy is hard to find,” he laughed. “Eventually you sort of appreciate [them]. Maybe the reason we were so competitive was it made us get to where we are?”

Vinnie Jones, Jim Caviezel and 50 Cent also appear in Escape Plan, which sees Sylvester play a wrongly imprisoned man who teams up with a fellow inmate to break out of jail.

Rapper-and-actor 50 Cent also got caught up in the competitive spirit on set.

“Sly wanted to take me to play golf because he knew he could beat me... we could have gone to the gym. I think I would have been able to lift heavier stuff than them,” he smiled.

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