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Arnie's 'nude prank'

Arnold Schwarzenegger has denied claims he once played a practical joke on an intern, which involved him being nude.

The action hero appeared in 1980 TV movie The Jayne Mansfield Story, which was about the life of the Hollywood bombshell.

Arnold was apparently determined to have fun on set, but one of his pranks reportedly didn't go down too well with an unsuspecting young worker.

"I got a young intern... Her parents even flew to meet me to make sure everything was good..." recalled costume designer Warden Neil to New York Post. "We’re heading towards Arnold’s trailer for a wardrobe fitting, and she knocks on the door and goes, ‘Hi, Arnold. Are you decent?’ And he goes, ‘Yes, come in.’ He’s standing there stark naked and she bursts into tears and runs from the trailer. He burst out laughing, thinking it was the funniest thing."

Despite Warden's insistence about the story, Arnold's representative has insisted there is no truth to it. The spokesman told the American publication the tale is "100 per cent false".

The actor's love of practical jokes is legendary though, with classmates from his school previously describing him as a prankster who loved to make people laugh. He also teased Sylvester Stallone on the set of their movie Escape Plan, resulting in Sylvester having to be strip searched by staff.

Warden has worked on a string of movies and TV series, including the '90s show Tales from the Crypt.

His lengthy career means he has styled some of the biggest names of the business and he recalled finding his time with Kirstie Alley challenging.

"[She was] hard to please and very particular on certain bras," he laughed.

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