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Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't 'indestructible'

Arnold Schwarzenegger "doesn't feel indestructible" on film sets anymore.

The Hollywood hardman stars as a small-town sheriff caught up in a battle with a big-time drug cartel leader in upcoming movie The Last Stand.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura says Arnold, 65, is now starting to feel the effects of doing his own stunts.

"When he leaps and tackles someone, it's not simple to get back up. You see a new side of him," he revealed in an interview with USA Today.

"He doesn't feel indestructible. You're rooting for him more because he's more like us. And he gets up and keeps on going. When he needs to be Arnold, he's Arnold."

Arnold admits that his character "hasn't had to flex his muscles in a while", so it was interesting to weave that into the storyline.

The action star would never turn his back on high-octane sequences though, as he loves to push his body to the limits.

"I guess I could have started slow and eased into it," Schwarzenegger adds. "But it felt amazing to be back jumping off buildings, seeing huge explosions, getting in car chases and throwing punches."

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