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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Sidekicks need to click

Arnold Schwarzenegger requires that all his sidekicks be "enthusiastic about the mission".

The 65-year-old action movie legend plays sheriff Ray Owens in upcoming crime thriller The Last Stand, with Johnny Knoxville portraying the cop's right-hand man.

Arnold has an illustrious career spanning decades and is confident that he knows what to look for in a good sidekick.

"The important thing is that you click, that he is as enthusiastic about the mission," he told MTV News.

"[Johnny's The Last Stand character Lewis Dinkum] has a different approach to how he accomplishes the same goal as I have. I'm a very disciplined law-enforcement guy, and he's kind of a lunatic."

Arnold has specific requirements for stuntmen too.

The star thinks the average guy would have to bulk up significantly to perform his action sequences.

"All you have to do is gain 50 pounds of muscles, gain a little bit in height and in your acting [abilities to be my stuntman]," Arnold laughed.

"Be able to do the stunts, throw yourself around, be able to fall off buildings, be able to be shot at, all these kinds of things."

The Last Stand will be released in US theatres this weekend.

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