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Arquette gives drunken interview

David Arquette has given a drunken interview to Howard Stern in which he promised to get sober "tomorrow".

The actor has had a well-documented battle with alcohol, receiving rehab treatment at the beginning of 2011. He got help after making a series of drunken phone calls to Howard Stern which were broadcast on his radio show, and last night called the DJ again while intoxicated.

He gave opinions on many different topics, including computer game Grand Theft Auto V, which has been criticised for being too violent. As he chatted about it, he somehow segued onto the topic of the leader of the Nazi party Adolf Hitler.

"It's a crazy game. The game of love that's the game I hope wins. [People should play] the kind game," David muttered.

"This is the most controversial thing I'm going to say. It's very controversial, and I'm sorry, and I apologise to anyone I'm going to offend. And I'm wasted and I'll get sober tomorrow... Listen, listen, listen - I've gotta say something on the N-word later - but Hitler played the game very well. He did. Listen, yeah, he played his game very well. He convinced a lot of people to play his f**king evil game. He played the game really well, but he was playing the wrong game."

At the beginning of the talk David admitted being "wasted" and referred to the previous time he has called the radio show while inebriated.

He revealed he had been drinking scotch and champagne at a wrap party in honour of his new movie The Key.

"You're amazing. You are incredible. You are God. We're all gods in our own way. We're all droplets of God… The whole game is to entertain God. God created us all. God is love. The best feeling is love… We're all connected. It's all the same," he said.

The 42-year-old actor also touched on his ex-wife Courteney Cox, who he split from in 2010. The day after their separation was confirmed, David rang in to Howard's show and discussed their marital problems - including that they hadn't slept together for a long time.

Despite their split, the pair have remained close for the sake of their nine-year-old daughter Coco. In his latest radio chat David called the actress "the most brilliant, beautiful friend" he's ever had and said he loves her with all his heart.

He confirmed she is no longer with her Cougar Town co-star Brian Van Holt and that she has a new man.

"I'm not going to get into her personal stuff," he said. "She's with someone who loves and cares for her. That's all I care about."

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