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Tuesday 21 April 2015

Arron booed from Big Brother house

Arron told host Brian Dowling he has no regrets about his time in the house
Arron told host Brian Dowling he has no regrets about his time in the house

Arron Lowe has been evicted from the Big Brother house amid a chorus of boos.

The martial arts fighter shrugged off the reaction from the crowd but branded the housemates who nominated him backstabbers in his exit interview.

When host Brian Dowling announced Arron's name to the house, he shouted and hugged a visibly upset Conor McIntyre.

Conor, Becky and Deana meanwhile survived the public vote after being nominated in the latest round - although Arron told Dowling he thought Deana would have left instead of him.

He said: "I know I upset a few people but I was me in there. Life is for living, I don't have any regrets."

Arron from Manchester, has said he plans to return to fighting after leaving Big Brother.

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