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Arterton recalls Affleck 'pounce'

Gemma Arterton loves it when co-stars do things to “freak her out”.

The actress has one of the best jobs in the world, starring alongside Hollywood hunk Ben and equally attractive star Justin Timberlake in Runner Runner.

In the film, she is caught in a love triangle with the pair and her good-looking co-stars would often take Gemma by surprise while on set.

“Ben’s great. It was really interesting working with him,” she gushed to British magazine OK!

“We had this weird back story and a relationship in the film years ago, and he has this possessive thing over me.

“In one scene he finds out that I’ve just had a night of intimacy with Justin’s character and he gets very jealous and pounces on me – that wasn’t in the script. It’s fun, but he really sprung it on me.”

In real life, Ben is happily wed to Jennifer Garner, while Justin married Jessica Biel last year. Gemma wed Stefano Catelli in 2010, but the pair are currently separated.

The 27-year-old beauty loves Ben’s ability to make scenes more exciting.

“He’s a director as well, so it was cool,” she smiled.

“I love all that stuff. I’m like, ‘Bring it on, do something that’s gonna freak me out!’”

Gemma’s Runner Runner character is sultry and sensual and has captured the hearts of two gorgeous men.

In real life, the UK star sees herself a little differently.

“I wish I was [like that] in real life because she’s so bold, but I’m not,” she laughed.

“I’m too giggly. I say something and I’m like, ‘Not really!’”

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