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Ashley Greene: Dance parties lightened mood

Ashley Greene had "dance parties" in her make-up trailer on the set of her latest film to lift the "dark" mood.

The Twilight actress stars in The Apparition, which tells the story of a young couple who start to witness frightening events in their home.

Ashley tried to lighten the mood on set as often as she could.

"There were moments of both [seriousness and joking]. We did have dance parties every Friday in the make-up trailer and made the most of our weekends, but there are times and days where it's a little difficult to disconnect from the character and darker scenarios," she told MTV News.

The supernatural thriller also stars Harry Potter actor Tom Felton. Ashley - who plays Alice Cullen in the hugely popular Twilight film series - loved talking about her experience of working on a huge movie franchise with the star.

"Tom's a really great, grounded guy. We did trade some stories about our experiences, out of mutual curiosity," she recalled.

"He feels similar to the way I do: blessed, grateful and utterly in awe of our fans."

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