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Ashley Greene: My friends are jealous

Ashley Greene is dealing with a lot of "jealous boys" following her make-out scene with Olivia Wilde.

Ashley co-stars with Olivia in the upcoming film about carving competitions, Butter.

The two share a steamy kiss in the movie that has garnered a lot of media attention.

Since promoting the film, she has received a plethora of text messages from companions.

"All of my male friends are like, 'What!?' [with] those little emojicons with the little smiley faces with the heart eyes," she told MTV News.

"I get a lot of those. A lot of jealous boys, definitely. I've gotten so many text messages now that that's started to air. Everyone likes to air that clip."

Ashley has spoken previously about how much she enjoyed locking lips with Olivia.

Apparently Olivia is very fun to kiss.

"She's my best onscreen kiss yet," Ashley gushed to New York Daily News recently.

"We just went for it, and it ended up being really fun. Not that every male didn't want to kiss her anyways, but now, just to give them all extra motivation... yeah. She's a very good kisser."

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