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Ashley Greene: Wilde is great

Ashley Greene thought making out with Olivia Wilde was a "phenomenal" experience.

The pair kissed each other in a scene for upcoming comedy Butter, which also stars Jennifer Garner.

The film is about a butter carving contest in a small town in Iowa that Jennifer's character Laura Pickler is obsessed with winning.

Olivia portrays a stripper called Brooke in the movie and Ashley was happy to lock lips with the actress.

"Oh, [kissing Olivia is] phenomenal! You're missing out," Ashley laughed to Extra.

Ashley was excited about sharing a kiss with Olivia from the moment she read Butter's script.

The prospect made her much more enthusiastic about her role.

"That's actually the whole reason I did the movie," she joked.

"I read it and I was like 'How do I get a male demographic? Olivia Wilde!' Then I make out with her."

Ashley and Olivia became good friends while filming the movie.

They were not nervous about smooching.

"We're like, 'Let's just do it!'" she said.

Butter will be released in the US this weekend.

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