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Ashton and Mila made for each other

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis will be “tough” parents.

Ashton and his fiancée Mila are expecting their first child together. The couple met on the set of That ‘70s Show in the 1990s but were originally just good friends, before getting romantically involved in 2012. Their love story has been likened to that of a famous TV pair by the actor’s twin brother.

"Those two reunited after 14 years, and I think they were meant to be,” Michael told US Weekly. "It'd be like Ross and Rachel getting married [from Friends], like David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston getting married! They make such a great couple.”

The Two and a Half Men star is “amazing” with his four and nine-year-old nephews, Michael told E! News at Harboring Hearts' 2nd Annual Summer Soiree in New York.

Ashton’s sister Tausha is expecting her second child, but she already has a daughter. Michael doesn’t think that Ashton “will be much different” with a daughter than a son although he noted his brother might be “a bit more protective” if he and Mila have a little girl. However, regardless of the baby’s gender, Michael gushed that the couple are “going to be great parents".

Mila and Ashton are "going to be able to set the right discipline in their child - sometimes you have to be tough!" Michael exclaimed to E! News.

Family is very important to the Kutchers. Their mother has an Irish Catholic background and tenbrothers and sisters, Michael told US Weekly.

“We have a huge extended family. They're all around the same area," he explained, noting that the group still gathers for the holidays. "We had 83 people in a farmhouse last Christmas, and Grandma cooked for everyone."

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