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Ashton Kutcher: I want to inspire young people

Ashton Kutcher would like to encourage youngsters to achieve their dreams after studying Apple founder Steve Jobs.

The actor portrays the late Steve Jobs in his new movie Jobs.

Just like the Apple co-founder, Ashton has a passion to make the children of the future believe in themselves, which is why he chose to act in the flick.

"I wanted to do this film to inspire young people to create the world they live in. I think that was an ethos of Steve Jobs," he told People magazine at a press conference for the feature.

"A diverse set of experiences in life could be the greatest education you could have. I found it to be very surprising that would be his opinion.

“And I think it was an opinion that he carried throughout his life. I think it's a value."

The 35-year-old star has put his all into making the motion picture, even risking his health when he followed Steve’s diet.

However it is the technology guru’s attitude towards education that he really wanted to duplicate both on-and-off-screen.

"I found a speech that he gave and he was speaking to high school kids that were about to graduate,” Ashton shared. “He encouraged these kids to maybe go to Paris and try to write poetry or fall in love with two people ... maybe this standard education wasn't the greatest means to creative solutions."

Ashton previously claimed he changed his “entire biophysical structure” for the movie role which details the entrepreneur’s life from college dropout to successful businessman.

While filming the movie Ashton took on Steve’s walk and may have permanently altered his own stride as a result.

"It kind of messed up my back a little bit. You know, changing your walk changes your entire biophysical structure,” he told ET Online.

Jobs will be released in cinemas this month.

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