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Ashton ‘opens up to Mila’

Mila Kunis reportedly doesn't think Ashton Kutcher has done anything wrong amid claims he's been unfaithful.

The 36-year-old actor was previously wed to Demi Moore but the couple split up in 2012, with their divorce being finalised in November last year. Ashton was accused of being unfaithful during their time together and reports surfaced in September 2011 that he had an affair with a college student.

Now he and Mila are engaged and have baby daughter Wyatt together, the handsome star is said to be more open with his fiancée than ever.

"Ashton's been really honest with Mila about the breakdown of his marriage to Demi, and she knows he's completely committed to her and has grown up a lot. She says after the sleepless nights taking care of the baby, she still feels comfortable walking around in sweat pants, no make-up and messy hair in front of Ashton," a source told British magazine Closer. "He always tells her how hot she looks and gives her confidence.

"They're already talking about having a bigger family and Ashton wants them to get married next year in a lavish ceremony. He absolutely adores Mila."

While things are said to be going swimmingly behind closed doors, the pair have recently encountered more rumours. Last month Ashton was hit with more infidelity comments after a make-up artist called Linn claimed she shared an "intimate embrace" with him when he and Mila first started dating.

But the 31-year-old actress, who has known her future-husband since they both appeared on That '70s Show 16 years ago, is said to be having none of it.

"When Mila first found out about the story she was devastated about the claims potentially overshadowing their first special weeks with Wyatt - she spent a tense couple of hours talking to Ashton about it," the source added. "She doesn't think Ashton's done anything wrong, but she's told him she just wants him to be honest and doesn't want any more nasty shocks."

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