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Aubrey Plaza: Miley’s awesome

Aubrey Plaza is fully supportive of Miley Cyrus and thinks the star’s critics need to “move forward”.

Former Disney star Miley put on a highly sexualised performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in August and has since been captured in several racy photo and video shoots, leaving critics in dismay.

But Aubrey believes people should accept the Wrecking Ball singer’s new persona because she’s such a huge talent.

“I think Miley is awesome and her song is such a good song,” the comedienne gushed to British newspaper The Independent.

“Maybe people just don't like change – but too bad! People grow up! It's OK, we must move forward and have fun!”

The 29-year-old Parks and Recreation star also spoke about growing up in the small US state of Delaware.

Aubrey appreciates her quiet upbringing and credits her childhood home with helping her grow as an artist.

“Here are a few facts about Delaware: second smallest state in the country. And it's tax-free, so people like to come to Delaware to buy booze and cigarettes,” she shared.

“There's a very witchy vibe to it, too, there are a lot of forests. There's not much to do there so I think it had an influence on me growing up, because I had to be a creative person and come up with my own ways to entertain myself.”

Aubrey has been involved in multiple movie projects recently.

Last month she and co-star Anna Kendrick wrapped filming on their zombie comedy Life After Beth, due for release in January.

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