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Audrey Tautou shuns social media

Audrey Tautou would have "never" made a film again if Amélie had been shot during the social networking age.

The French actress won over fans worldwide playing the title character in Jean-Pierre Jeunet quirky 2001 movie. Since then she has appeared in numerous films in her country, but only stepped into Hollywood for 2006's The Da Vinci Code.

Audrey is relieved the feature which made her famous came before the age of social networking as she doesn't think she could handle the comments online.

“I would have moved to the moon. If I had had to live my life on the internet like that," she sighed to British newspaper The Telegraph. “No, no, no! I would never have done cinema again. No, no, no. I feel we are in the century of comments. On Twitter, everyone comments: ‘I like that’ and ‘You’re an...’ There is all this agitation. All that anyone cares about is the buzz. It’s weird, really weird."

Audrey recently insisted she isn't shunning the mainstream movie business, stating she simply hasn't received any "interesting offers". She keeps her life away from the camera private and tries to follow other passions alongside acting such as photography and writing, which has proved tricky.

"The thing is I am very, very, very slow. As an actress my career went fast, but with my other artistic projects it is the opposite," she added. "For me it is a struggle. For me it is terrible. I don’t feel confident enough to show my things because I am very perfectionist. It is like torture. I am like the cat who is eating its own tail. I am sure people think, ‘She keeps talking about these projects, but it’s been 25 years now!’ Ahahaha.”

When asked to describe herself in a couple of words, the 37-year-old beauty gave a simple and insightful depiction.

“I think the first word would be ‘wild’ – not like a party person, more in that I am untamed," she smiled. "I don’t like to be squeezed into the system and I don’t like superficial conversation. I am very bad with that. I don’t have the talent to talk for nothing.”

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