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Austin Mahone: Kylie Ferrari smash was just a rumour

Austin Mahone has cleared up speculation about Kylie Jenner and her Ferrari.

Kylie celebrated her 18th birthday last week, with her boyfriend Tyga gifting her with a white sports car worth $320,000. The very next day there was speculation she'd already had an accident in the vehicle, with Austin appearing to confirm the news during an appearance on a US talk show on Thursday.

He's now admitted speaking without knowing all the facts.

"Classic starting rumours online," he told People. "I'm sorry if I started a rumour. I didn't mean to. That's what happened but she told me that she didn't crash it so... her Ferrari's fine, everything's good."

Kylie was presented with the car at her birthday party, which was held at the Bootsy Bellows nightclub in Los Angeles. Austin was one of those who was celebrating her special day at the event, with the singer astounded by the lavish gift.

"I was at the party and I saw she got a Ferrari," he explained. "And then a couple hours later I saw on Twitter and I saw like the same Ferrari, like the same colour and it was all smashed up and like everyone was going crazy on Twitter like, 'Oh, Kylie crashed her Ferrari,' and I was like, 'Oh, no way.'"

Austin was speaking at last night's Teen Choice Awards, held in Los Angeles. He wasn't the only star left red-faced at the fan-voted ceremony - Sarah Hyland tripped as she took to the stage.

The Modern Family star was heading to present the evening's first price - Choice Comedian, which eventually went to Ellen DeGeneres - when she got her foot tangled in some lighting equipment as she went up the stairs. Although she didn't fall flat on her face the star was clearly shocked by the turn of the events and let out a loud curse words, which only added to her mortification.

"I do that sometimes guys. I'm awkward like that, you know?" she then laughed "We're the first ones, you know what I mean? Gotta get it out of the way for everyone else."

She also spoke about it on social media, poking fun at what happened but admitting it was embarrassing.

"You guys. I tripped. I tripped on camera. I tripped on stage in front of all you. #mylife #clumsyforlife," she wrote.

"Like a graceful swan (sic)."

Ellen didn't seem too bothered by the turn of events when she went on stage to receive her prize, choosing to give her wife Portia de Rossi a kiss first. She then paid tribute to her spouse in her speech, which was fitting as the couple were celebrating their union yesterday.

"What an amazing day this is. This is my seven-year wedding anniversary, so happy anniversary,” she smiled. “It's yours, too."

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