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Avril Lavigne: I'm not wild

Avril Lavigne is far more "mellow" than her fans perceive her to be.

The star burst onto the scene with smash hit Complicated in 2002 and has since gone on to produce songs like Sk8er Boi and What the Hell.

Her music is boisterous pop-rock and the accompanying promos often show Avril sporting eccentric costumes, but the singer insists her image is misunderstood.

"[People think] I’m this crazy girl. For me, I talk now more than I’ve ever done, because I’m older and more comfortable with myself. But back when I was a teenager, it was one-word answers - yes or no," she explained to British newspaper The Sun.

"People expect me to be more extroverted and crazy, because that’s how I am in my music videos - jumping around and singing. But I’m actually much more mellow and quiet. When the music happens, I work it for the crowd. It’s part of being a performer, to make sure everyone who took the time to be at the concert has the best time."

Avril is engaged to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, 38, and the two are busy planning their upcoming wedding.

The 28-year-old feels she's come a long way since starting out in the industry.

"I think you have to be careful because when you’re 'the star', it’s all you, you, you. And I’ve always tried to separate when I go on stage and be me, the performer. That’s one head space, then when I come off, that’s another head space," she revealed.

"That’s why I stopped living in LA, because I lived there for ten years, and when I went home after a tour was over and I did things like going grocery shopping or whatever, I didn’t ever leave that headspace. I felt like that wasn’t going to be any good for me if I kept it like that any longer. Now I’ve moved and I get to actually be home and all of that shuts off...

"And it’s good because I was young and I got to go to nightclubs, be a rock star, but now I’m 28 and in a different place."

Avril is currently working on her, as of yet untitled, fifth album.

It's due for release in September and the singer assures fans there will be less "boy-bashing" than on previous records.

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