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Avril’s on ‘towel duty’

Avril Lavigne assists husband Chad Kroeger in “quick-change booth” while his band Nickelback tours.

The 29-year-old singer often joins her husband Chad Kroeger while he is out on tour with band Nickelback.

Avril says she simply gets too restless not to help out while they’re performing, so she takes control of towels.

“When I’m out with them on tour, well, I can’t sit around and do nothing, so I take over quick-change booth,” Avril told America’s OK! magazine.

“The side of the stage is the quick-change booth. Like, during the show, Chad comes in and I help him change his shirt. I’m a towel girl for Daniel, their drummer. He comes offstage, and I’ve got a towel with water, and I pass the boys and say ‘good job, good show.’ They’re like ‘oh my God.’ I have to do something, so I have fun out there with them.”

Avril and Chad quickly fell in love while they collaborated on music for her fifth album in 2012.

The songstress claims she will forever be supportive of her beau’s career and plans on joining him on tour again soon.

“I get to go back out—after New York, I do L.A., and then Japan [for my album release],” she detailed.

“Then, I go meet the guys on tour, and I’ll be back out on towel duty.”

Nickelback is currently touring Europe and their performances will end in South Africa at the close of this year.

Avril’s self-titled fifth LP was released earlier this month and she is currently travelling to promote the music.

She and Chad, 38, married this summer and the couple are eager to start a family.

"We both want it," Chad told People magazine recently. "We just need to find a time we're both home to get around to it!"

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