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Wednesday 28 January 2015

Babs makes McKeith a 'real actress'

Gillian McKeith gets covered in cream cake thanks to Barbara Windsor
Gillian McKeith gets covered in cream cake thanks to Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor has splatted Gillian McKeith and other "showbiz mates" with cream cake - all in aid of Comic Relief.

Health food guru Gillian - who was accused of pretending to faint on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! last year to get out of bushtucker trials - was splatted by the former EastEnder in an ad for the charity event.

An on-set source on the ad said that the veteran actress joked about the fainting episode, revealing: "Babs came up with the idea of Gillian fainting when she'd been hit with the cake, to add to the hilarity. Gillian was well up for it and thought it a fab idea, but her agent said absolutely not!"

The insider added "After filming had wrapped, Babs said 'there you go, you can call yourself a proper actress now!'."

The ad is one in a series of six in which Barbara gives stars the cream cake treatment, to promote the Red Nose Day games on offer on the site with profits going to Comic Relief.

The Only Way Is Essex star Nanny Pat and fashion expert Susannah Constantine also get splatted, along with Bab's former EastEnders co-star Larry Lamb, her fellow Carry On veteran Leslie Phillips and rapper Goldie.

The production team offered to make lentil-lover Gillian a wheat and dairy-free cake, but she shocked everyone when she turned it down and was happy to take a real cream cake hit in the face.

Barbara said: "Comic Relief is such a fantastic charity. I must admit I had a great giggle splatting my showbiz mates.

"It's true that you can't always have your cake and eat it, sometimes it ends up on your face!"

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