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Bacon is proud papa

Kevin Bacon is very impressed with daughter Sosie’s Golden Globes performance.

The actor’s 21-year-old daughter Sosie served as Miss Golden Globe during Sunday’s ceremony, gracing the stage for over three hours while guiding award winners and helping things run smoothly.

And Kevin, who was in the audience with wife Kyra Sedgwick, was blown away by how professional and calm their daughter was.

"I hadn't really imagined the amount of press and pressure and interviews and doing this kind of stuff that she would be asked to do," he told People magazine. "She just handled it great. It was like she'd been doing it her whole life. It blew our minds. We were sort of like, 'Wow, how does she know how to do this?'"

Kyra was equally impressed with Sosie’s talents. The actress joked that she expected Sosie to "freak out and melt down” but she was very proud of how well she pulled it off. Kevin agreed and said he’s looking forward to seeing their daughter blossom.

"I thought she was great," he said. "This year she made a decision that she really wanted to pursue acting full-time and all of a sudden got this opportunity to be Miss Golden Globe."

Kevin and Kyra are supportive and encouraging of Sosie’s showbusiness aspirations, although she had a very protected upbringing.

The couple kept their children out of the limelight as much as possible until they were old enough to decide for themselves what to do.

"We have kept our kids pretty much out of the spotlight," Kevin explained. "We did for many, many years. Up until the time they were about 15, I don't think you could even find a photograph of them unless it was snapped on a beach somewhere. We just didn't take them to events and we just kind of kept that part of our lives separate."

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